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Reverse Horween Shell Cordovan Bi-Fold Wallet

Image of Reverse Horween Shell Cordovan Bi-Fold Wallet
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A special treat for true aficionados to put it simply.

Horween is a world famous tannery based in Chicago Illinois that has been in operation for over a hundred years. The term "shell" refers to a very specific type of leather that only comes in a round shape from the rump of a horse. The biggest a single shell can get is typically around 2.5 square feet. The hyper density of the leather has to do with a membrane in that part of the horse. It takes months to create this amazing leather and it is not cheap due to the low amount of available horse hide. Each piece comes with one Genuine stamp on the reverse side, so it’s a treat and from the heart of the piece.

Rare, twice as durable and dense, and the top of the line.

Pictured wallet above is a reverse side of a black Shell showcasing the Genuine stamp. This is not typically the “show side” of Shell Cordovan. Inside is featuring another Horween specialty, their Dublin horse hide in Sage Green.
These specific pictured wallets are sold, but others are available and made upon request.

Hand Crafted Upon Request, there is no "stock" of these. As you can see from the pictures above, the genuine stamp and color of the backside can vary from piece to piece.

Dimensions: 4"H x 3½"W (closed)

International Orders, order at own risk. I can only supply tracking up to Customs, only declared value not insured.