Coyote Workshop


Coyote Workshop starts with an insatiable passion for art and finely crafted goods, and ends with one of a kind, heirloom quality artisan crafted collectables for aficionados that appreciate true craftsmanship of fine items.

The Workshop is a one-man show. Every item is hand crafted by lifetime artist Cody Coyote, me, who puts extreme attention to details into every product made.

My whole life I’ve been consumed with creative outlets, and my passion is voracious.  I’ve gone down the rabbit hole with a number of arts, and with my first 5 major planets in Scorpio, when I decide to do something it’s with extreme intensity that consumes me in the topic.

I am a father of twin toddler boys and a stepfather to an amazing daughter as well as a loving nurturing partner to my lovely wife.

Your support is truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for supporting artists and craftsmen!